Winter Spiced Porridge

On a trip to Ireland I tried to squeeze in as many health food shops as I could. One thing I discovered was matcha porridge, with only a slight taste of matcha and mixed with cinnamon it makes a delicious combination. So I created this porridge with a warming pear compote to compliment the cinnamon [...]

Minted-up Pea Soup

Soup for when you have nothing in the fridge.... This is the first recipe I taught my friend to make who wanted to start healthy eating, it is so simple even for those who don't cook, and takes minutes to make. I vary this recipe depending on what I have in the fridge, this one I made [...]

Green Goddess Soup

A warming, comforting, cheesy soup thats dairy free and delicious. Today I woke up to a horrible day, big grey clouds and lots of rain, winter is definitely on its way, and that calls for one thing a bowl of piping hot soup! This soup uses so few ingredients and takes about 15 minutes to make...quicker than [...]