Beet and Carrot salad with tahini, mint and pistachios

Beet and Carrot salad with tahini, mint and pistachios

Day #21 beet and carrot salad. We had this tonight as a side to falafels and hummus. Super quick salad recipe that’s great on its own or as an accompaniment to a main dish.Ingredients:2 beetroots (cooked)1 large carrot1 tbsp tahini1 tbsp olive oil2 tbsp waterJuice of 1 limeTsp sumacHandful of fresh mint2 tbsp chopped pistachios  What to [...]

Baked aubergine

This is my easy midweek veggie dinner for those nights when you just can't be bothered to spend your evening in the kitchen. Its a cheap dinner too as you need very few ingredients, I love the texture and nuttiness of quinoa but you could substitute it for a cheaper grain such as bulgar wheat [...]

Summer salads

Summer means one thing, lighter days and lighter suppers. I have lots of people ask me for recipes for salad and these are so much more than leaves on a plate! They can all be used as sides to any of my main dishes, such as my chickpea burgers, or just enjoyed on their own. I [...]

Quinoa tabbouleh

I love making a satisfying salad, and this is definitely one! The sweet potato adds texture to the quinoa and I love adding the pomegranate for some extra colour! This is based on a tabbouleh salad, with lots of fresh parsley. I used a combination of red and white quinoa and bulgar wheat, but quinoa on [...]