Carrot cake bircher

Carrot cake bircher

This really tastes like you are having desert for breakfast! Sounds pretty great doesn't of course its all healthy, no sugar or dairy. Carrot cake is definitely one of my favourites, and this tastes just like the raw cake mixture! It is best to make this in the evening and by breakfast time the [...]

Winter Spiced Porridge

On a trip to Ireland I tried to squeeze in as many health food shops as I could. One thing I discovered was matcha porridge, with only a slight taste of matcha and mixed with cinnamon it makes a delicious combination. So I created this porridge with a warming pear compote to compliment the cinnamon [...]

Simple Bircher Museli

This is my simple breakfast recipe, no added superfoods or powders just easy overnight breakfast that will make your morning easy. Here I’ve used almonds but feel free to swap them for seeds or coconut flakes also work well. The apple adds sweetness and a bit more moisture, and the sultanas get nice and plump [...]

Coconut Chia Bircher Pot

Breakfast pots are the most useful things to have in the fridge especially when you have limited time in the mornings. I prepare these in the evening, often changing the ingredients for whatever I have in my cupboards, so I will be posting lots more recipes like this one. The recipe serves one, and should last a [...]

Coconut flake pecan granola

Yes...another granola recipe already! I am a little bit obsessed with granola, and keep experimenting with different combinations, although most of the time this just involves adding everything I find in my cupboard! There may seem to be a lots of different syrups and oats in this recipe, but if you struggle to find some [...]

Coconutty Oat Mylk

I created this recipe after making almond mylk dozens of times and always getting frustrated at how expensive almonds are to buy. So I read about oat mylk which is much cheaper to make and takes less soaking time...perfect! To add extra flavour I use coconut, I think it makes what could otherwise be a [...]