Beet Tart with Turmeric

Beet Tart with Turmeric

I have made my coconut fennel tart sooo many times now I decided it was time to experiment with a new one. The base for this is slightly different, I have used quinoa flakes combined with the flour which gives a really nice chunky texture. It is really important to cook the base alone without [...]

Courgetti con la sarde

This is my take on an Italian favourite, pasta con la sarde - pasta with sardines. This is such a quick (cheat) dinner, and its great when you have nothing but your store cupboard essentials. It's a real cosy dinner too and very may not be the prettiest plate of food but it sure [...]

Baked aubergine

This is my easy midweek veggie dinner for those nights when you just can't be bothered to spend your evening in the kitchen. Its a cheap dinner too as you need very few ingredients, I love the texture and nuttiness of quinoa but you could substitute it for a cheaper grain such as bulgar wheat [...]

Pink open sandwich

Made from leftovers, I had to share this recipe on here as it was an unexpected delicious lunch. Sometimes the simplest food is the best. This is more compiling ingredients than a recipe but the combination of flavours is wonderful and so filling. I used Biona Organic rye bread, the nutty flavour compliments the other ingredients [...]

Zucchini Fries

Everyone loves chips so why not make something healthy into chips?! This is a really simple way to make vegetables into crispy fries. The batter gives a crunchiness to the courgettes, try adding a teaspoon of sumac or chilli flakes to the mixture. I always make these to go alongside my burgers or to have [...]