Pink open sandwich

Made from leftovers, I had to share this recipe on here as it was an unexpected delicious lunch. Sometimes the simplest food is the best. This is more compiling ingredients than a recipe but the combination of flavours is wonderful and so filling. I used Biona Organic rye bread, the nutty flavour compliments the other ingredients [...]

lunch in a jar

Lunch in a jar means delicious salads without the soggy leaves! Key to this is putting the wet stuff at the bottom and working your way up to the leaves on top. This can be made with any combination of dips/roasted veg/cheese or meat. Prepare some roasted veggies at the weekend so you have a [...]

The Best Hummus

The Best Hummus

This is one of my go-to recipes for a quick easy snack or a delicious addition to a salad, its so creamy and goes with everything! A good blender is the number one thing on my kitchen must have list, I used to have a really old blender that was useless and made making dips [...]