Green balls

Green balls

The perfect way to get a hit of superfoods and power you through your day. Even if you don't like the taste of wheatgrass but feel like you should be eating it, this recipe makes it much easier to hide the flavour of your least favourite superfood powders, also try it with the nasty green spirulina! [...]

Simple Bircher Museli

This is my simple breakfast recipe, no added superfoods or powders just easy overnight breakfast that will make your morning easy. Here I’ve used almonds but feel free to swap them for seeds or coconut flakes also work well. The apple adds sweetness and a bit more moisture, and the sultanas get nice and plump [...]

Power bar

No added sugar, no grains, just nuts, seeds and dates...and my favourite ingredient, chocolate of course! Amazing pre or post gym energy boost, or when you just need a sweet fix and pick me up!  Ingredients:  1 cup blanched almonds 1 cup pecans / walnuts or a mix of both 1/3 cup mixed seeds (flax, [...]

Spring Balls

I have already posted a couple of energy ball recipes, but I can't stop making them. I usually make a big batch on a Sunday and they will last me about a week. This means that I always have a pre-gym snack, or afternoon energy boost to hand. Its much cheaper than buying that afternoon snack at [...]

Coco Almond Butter

I spend a lot of time wandering around health food shops and markets and I am always tempted by new products I find. I always look at the ingredients on packaging and quite often think how hard can that be to make?! Not only does it save money making it yourself, but you know exactly [...]