Green smoothie bowls

Day #11 and I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast. We usually make brunch at the weekend anything from pancakes to eggs or these smoothie bowls. The addition of the protein in the nut butter and vegan protein powder makes these really filling. You can experiment with any kind of toppings you like, from fresh fruits to nuts and seeds.


Ingredients: per person

– 1 banana
– 1 cup plant milk – rice/almond/oat @oatly
– 1 handful spinach – fresh/frozen
– 1 or 2 ice cubes (helps to thicken)
– Spoon of nut butter – I always use almond @pipandnut
– Tsp chia seeds
– 1 scoop protein powder – optional I use @formnutrition
– Tsp green powder – a combination of wheatgrass, spirulina etc @naturya (also optional)

Blend all of your ingredients together until smooth. Top with coconut yoghurt, granola and berries.

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