The Frothiest Almond Milk Cappuccino



I made this for the first time this morning and had to write about it on here, partly because it was so yummy and partly because it looked so pretty!

I only started drinking coffee a couple of years ago while in Italy…their coffee is seriously hard to resist. Giving up dairy there are only a couple of things I was going to miss, parmesan cheese and frothy coffee! I soon replaced my coffee with soya milk coffees and you can’t really taste the difference. Recently I have had to give up soya products too, so no more walking into any coffee shop and ordering a soya cappuccino on the way to work.

Thankfully I discovered a fab little coffee shop just down the road from my new flat, called Slate. It really is the best coffee shop in London and they do LOADS of milk alternatives…almond milk, coco soy and coconut milk, something for everyone! I tried coconut milk recently but it doesn’t really go frothy. Almond milk does and not only is it a great substitute for milk and soya it tastes so much better, and no need to add any sugar either.

I have tried making almond milk cappuccinos at home on numerous occasions and ended up with a watery liquid with a few bubbles. I have an nespresso machine and milk frother, but any milk frother will work.

Today was a revelation, I used my own almond milk in the frothed instead of pre-bought almond milk. It was a million times better than any coffee I’ve had recently.


2 cups of blanched almonds
3 cups of fresh water
1/2 cup pitted dates

What to do…

Soak the almonds overnight in a bowl of water. The next day drain and add them to your blender with 2 cups of fresh water and the dates. Blend for 5 minutes, or until the mixture is smooth and there are no big lumps of almond or date left.

You can alter the amount of water to make the milk as thick or thin as you prefer, for this recipe however it is better to have thick almond milk as it will froth much better! I usually store my milk in the fridge at quite a thick consistency then add more water to it when needed – for cereal for example.

Next, get a sieve and a muslin cloth, place the cloth over the sieve and make sure you put a bowl underneath! Pour the liquid onto the cloth, I do this in stages to avoid it all spilling out. Let it drain slightly then squeeze the pulp to get all the liquid out.

Your milk is now ready, store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Put the milk in your frother or froth by hand until its full of air and all creamy, then add your shot of coffee and top with a sprinkle of maca powder.

Enjoy your dairy-free, soya-free cuddle in a mug!

tbc x

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