The Best Hummus

This is one of my go-to recipes for a quick easy snack or a delicious addition to a salad, its so creamy and goes with everything!

A good blender is the number one thing on my kitchen must have list, I used to have a really old blender that was useless and made making dips like this painfully slow. With a good one you can wiz this up in about a minute! Much nicer than any you can buy in the shops, which are full of unknown ingredients and always garlic!

There are other variations of this recipe using avocado, beetroot and spices, these recipes to follow soon.


1 can of chickpeas
juice and grated zest of 1 lemon
half a cup olive oil
a good handful of fresh mint (or any herb of your choice – coriander works well too)
salt and pepper


What to do….

Drain the tin of chickpeas and add to the blender with all the other ingredients (save a couple of sprigs of mint to garnish). Wiz on high speed in the blender until smooth. Here you can adjust the quantity of olive oil to make the hummus thinner if you wish.

Sometimes I also add toasted pine nuts or other spices such as cumin or sumac, but it tastes great without.

Enjoy with crudités, sweet potato wedges, in a veggie burger or just dolloped on any salad.

tbc x

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