Tempeh rolls with almond satay sauce

These cute little rolls make the perfect dinner party starter or light lunch. You can add whatever ingredients you prefer, as long as they are chopped small!! This is the key to easy rolling, if your veg are too large you will find it really difficult to roll the delicate wraps. The satay dipping sauce … Continue reading Tempeh rolls with almond satay sauce

Carrot noodles with quinoa ‘meat’balls

Another one on the site for Honestly Healthy! When you’re craving a big bowl of pasta but want something a bit lighter Carrot Noodles could be your answer. Carrot noodles are wonderfully tasty, if you cook them only for a few minutes they become soft whilst remaining slightly crunchy. Trust me once you’ve tried it … Continue reading Carrot noodles with quinoa ‘meat’balls

Breakfast Sundae

A totally naughty looking healthy breakfast sundae full of nourishing ingredients. Chocolate granola, dairy free cashew yoghurt and berries, each individual element can be kept in your fridge and used to make different breakfasts throughout the week. From simple yoghurt and berries to a bowl of chocolate granola and nut milk and jam on toast! … Continue reading Breakfast Sundae

HH RECIPE – broccoli rice, fennel & orange salad

My second recipe for Honestly Healthy ! Just as we can see the first glimpses of Spring and all its wonderful colours we can begin to make lighter and fresher tasting meals. Using citrus flavours is a wonderful way to add some liveliness and some colour to dishes. This combination of hot vegetables and crisp orange … Continue reading HH RECIPE – broccoli rice, fennel & orange salad

HH RECIPE – Cauliflower Burgers with beetroot sauce and flatbread buns

  My first Ambassador recipe for Honestly Healthy!! I am so excited to have been chosen as an Ambassador for such an amazing brand that I have followed for some time now. I will be sharing one recipe per month on the Honestly Healthy site! My first is these colourful veggie burgers with a gluten … Continue reading HH RECIPE – Cauliflower Burgers with beetroot sauce and flatbread buns

Ambassador for Honestly Healthy!

I am so excited to announce that from 1st March 2017 I will be a food Ambassador for Honestly Healthy! Along with 24 other superstar ambassadors I will be providing regular recipes for the Honestly Healthy website and community that you will be able to access on the Ambassador recipe page on their website! All … Continue reading Ambassador for Honestly Healthy!

Paprika Kale Chips

This recipe is almost as quick as going to the shop and buying a packet of crisps! But they are not fried, full of fat or salt! Three ingredients only! They taste great on their own or dunked into some hummus (my beetroot and feta dip in the picture). Great as a sharing starter or nibbles to … Continue reading Paprika Kale Chips

Buckwheat & cashew butter granola

Buckwheat - those little round seeds that make the texture of the granola so crispy and wonderful. Buckwheat despite the name is actually gluten and wheat free. I have made granola many times but this is by far my favourite. Plus it takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish, and will save you … Continue reading Buckwheat & cashew butter granola

Cauliflower and Apple Soup

In the winter soup is one of my favourite things to make. Its super easy, and will keep in your fridge for upto a week! I have tried so many variations but the cauliflower in this recipe makes such a creamy soup you'll be amazed it has no milk or cream in it! For this … Continue reading Cauliflower and Apple Soup

Green Fennel Juice

Easy peasy green juice, made from lots of veg so it contains very little sugar compared with a fruit juice. These quantities make a large bottle (around 1 litre) that you can keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Ingredients: 1 cucumber 2 apples 1 fennel 2 large handfuls of kale (or similar … Continue reading Green Fennel Juice